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Pick up Truck Ice Chests/Storage Box Single Compartment

Manufacturer: Frigid Rigid
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Pick up Truck Ice Chests/Storage Box Single Compartment
Price:$1,649 Manufactured by: Frigid Rigid Model: Pick up Truck Ice Chests/Storage Box Single Compartment Product ID: FrigidTruckBoxSingle

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Single (285 quart) compartments. 

Frigid Rigid has introduced a product line of ice chests that are designed to be mounted in the back of standard size pickup trucks. These truck coolers have all of the design features that make our standard line of ice chests the most efficient coolers made today. In most environments, these chests can keep ice from 7-10 days.

Frigid Rigid combines fiberglass exterior and interior construction, two inches of polyurethane high density foam insulation and “D” ring air tight seal to make the strongest and most efficient ice chest available today. Because of the strong construction of this box, it can be used as dry storage and will withstand the weight of heavy tools and other equipment.