Cooler Slide Outs

Manufacturer: Frigid Rigid
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Cooler Slide Outs
Price:$329 Manufactured by: Frigid Rigid Model: Cooler Slide Outs Product ID: FrigidRigidSlideOuts

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On many boats the coolers are kept under leaning post, gunwales or other hard to reach areas. The new Cooler Slide makes it easy to access the cooler. The slide is made of non-corrosive starboard material with a stainless steel spring latch which secures the slide in the extended and retracted positions. It is designed to be simple and functional. This slide comes in four widths to match the Frigid Rigid coolers, 15, 18, 21 and 24 inch models. With some small modifications it can be used with other brands of coolers. The space required to install the coolers is the length of the cooler plus 2 inches and the height of the cooler plus an inch and a quarter.