Coffin 60 lbs 300 qt - 20x37″-31″”x42

Manufacturer: Frigid Rigid
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Coffin 60 lbs 300 qt - 20x37″-31″”x42
Price:$2760 Manufactured by: Frigid Rigid Model: Coffin 60 lbs 300 qt - 20x37″-31″”x42 Product ID: Frigid20x37″-31″”x42

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Frigid Rigid Coffin Box is the ideal storage solution for your center console fishing boat. Our Coffin Box is made with same high quality construction and materials as Frigid Rigid Ice Chests. Frigid Rigid’s Coffin Box is designed to fit in center console fishing boats.

Our Coffin Box comes with a standard lid or a double lid divider. It can be mounted to the deck using our heavy duty stainless steel turnbuckles. The box’s tapered design allows easy maneuverability for active fishermen.