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Manufacturer: ANCHOR MFG


AL-1 ANCHOR LEDGE LJMD Manufactured by: ANCHOR MFG Model: AL-1 ANCHOR LEDGE Product ID: 2341876 
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Now that you have your new Electric Pontoon Anchor, how do you actually mount it to the boat? The instructions that come with the anchor will tell you how to drill holes in the deck and let the anchor rope simply run off the edge. But, that will put holes in your deck, is not as strong as you would like it to be, can damage the deck, and takes up valuable deck space. With The Anchor Ledge, your deck stays flawless, leaves you more room for the fishing gear and people, keeps the mud and weeds from getting on the deck, and you will have the strength necessary to mount the Electric Anchor to give you many years of service. Constructed of powder coated 3/16” aluminum and stainless steel hardware, The Anchor Ledge is strength tested to 200 lbs.